What is Saphir Renovateur? Why all the hype and fuss? And how to use Saphir Renovateur




Saphir Medaille d'Or Renovateur is Saphir's best selling leather care product. It is a multi- purpose leather cleaner and conditioner cream. The hype and fuss is mainly due to the amazing ability of the Saphir Renovateur to nourish leather and bring leather back to life. However, the Renovateur can and should be used as a base before one decides to polish their shoes. The Renovateur as a cleaner can remove any prior polish that has been built up in the leather's pores. Furthermore, Renovateur is very user-friendly and can be used on ANY types of leathers including, calfskin, shell cordovan, and exotics such as alligator and crocodiles.

So how can one apply the Renovateur? It's very easy!!!

1. First prep your shoes. Use a horsehair brush and brush off any dirt from your shoes. If needed you can also use a damp cloth to remove any dirt that has been built up. If you need to use a leather soap, use Saphir's Leather Soap, and once your shoes dry off you can prevent the leather from drying by applying the Renovateur.

2. Second apply the Renovateur. Take a soft cloth, like the Saphir Chamoisine Cotton Cloth, and wrap it around your index and middle fingers. Dab into the jar for a small amount of cream, and start working it into the shoe in a circular motion. Use the Saphir Small Spreading Brush or Saphir Jar Brush for better access to cleaning the tight areas such as the welt. Add more cream as you go along. A little goes a long way!!! Then let your shoes dry for a few minutes.

3. Third brush and buff. The great thing about the Renovateur is if you desire a matte finish, one simply just doesn't have to brush. However, one can brush and buff until they get their desired shine with Renovateur.

Hope that helps!!! Any questions just shoot us a message :)