How to Care for Smooth Leather Shoes with Saphir Shoe Polish

Saphir Products needed (see pic):

Saphir care for smooth leather shoes

1. Saphir Large Horse Hair Brush

2. Saphir Reno'Mat

3. Saphir Medaille d'Or Creme 1925 (match color with shoes)

4. Saphir Jar Dauber Spreading Brush

5. Saphir Medaille d'Or Polishing Brush

6. Saphir Cotton Chamois Cloth

Step 1 Brushing: First remove any dirty marks or specks of dust. Using the horse-hair brush (1), gently rub the leather, paying particular attention to the folds and edges of the sole. (Use a wire brush and a damp cloth to lift off any mud.)

Saphir Horsehair brush

Step 2 Cleaning: If your shoes are encrusted with dirt or have been treated with a polish other than Saphir, use Reno'Mat (2) to get rid of stubborn stains, silicones or other resins, which prevent the leather from breathing.

Saphir Reno'Mat

Step 3 Polishing: Once the leather is clean, choose Creme 1925 (3) specially formulated to match the color of your shoes. Using the special applicator brush (4), start by applying the cream to the sides of the shoes (on the welt seams to maximize the seal) using a "back and forth" motion, pressing lightly and paying particular attention to the folds.

Saphir jar dauber brush

Step 4 Finishing: Leave to dry for a few minutes and then polish the leather, first with the polisher brush (5), which encourages the wax in the leather to bring out the natural shine. 

Saphir Medaille d'Or Buffing Brush

Then buff the surface dry with the soft polish cotton cloth (6) which also helps to lift off any excess cream.Saphir cotton chamois